BC Cup #5 – november 12, 2011



Jeff Hanninen had this little beauty made up for us. Check it out for informations and really intense mud splatters.


put it in your calendars!

This is it! BC Cup #5 in South Surrey, presented by Daryl Evans and Mighty Riders. This site will keep you updated with INFORMATION, VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT and SPONSOR NAMES as well as MUD.

November 12th, 2011, the evil mastermind Jeff Hanninen, supported by Matthew Hornland and moonlit by Matthew Kennedy, returns to the South Surrey Bike Park to damage your ego.

There will be excitement, prizes, attractive people in spandex, attractive people in down parkas, people eating Gels and suffering by the boatload.

Keep yourself updated here, check the About page for details and remember, pick up your trash.

Don't make us rake your name through the mud