BC Cup #5 – november 12, 2011

Race Report

Hypothermia. Happily, not a single racer went home with this as a prize on Saturday. With a forcast that called for both wind, rain, sleet and more obviously, bitter cold, we had a wonderous BC Cup #5 at the South Surrey bike park. 106 racers graced the course with excellent results, and awesome prizes. Tiny bags of campfire were provided by Poler Stuff to ensure full functioning fingers.

You can see photos at the Daryl-Evans Flickr here, as well as some choice shots from Doug Brons at his Flickr here.

The first race of the day was our 10:30 start: Cat ¾ Men, Citizen Men, and Citizen Women. As the rain had yet to start, the racers contended simply with the strong headwind off the road start. This years course featured more swtichbacks, a flyover at the new SCORE park and a nice run through the rhythm section of the bike park. The Cat ¾ race provided early action, with the group switching leaders and chase for the first 3 laps. The Citizen racers were not far behind. Cat ¾ contenders Matt Hornland (Mighty), Brett Wakefield (Local Ride), Jacob Hartsoch (BFF), Paul McCloskey (Mighty) and David Morrissey (Escape Velocity) were the top 5, with top Citizen Men Rob Parkin, Garry Bone, Andrew Touvinen, James Ingham and Brian Reguly  and our three Citizen Women, Danielle Stevens, June Rosemary and Donna-Marie Tarver getting some R&B Beers and Rocanini Coffee. Our Mens U17 riders shredded as well, with Carsten Lapointe (Zimich Coaching) coming in 1st ahead of Pete Whalen (Local Ride) – they didn’t get beer.

Master ¾ Men took to the course with the largest field of the day, as well as the first of the freezing rain. 31 racers battled on the slippery course while Matt Barber and Nick Berry added color commentary and hot-dog handups. Our top five were James Cameron (Pro City), Simon Pulfrey, John Irvine (HR Block), Tyler Dumont (Physiomoves) and David Newbeck – top 3 took home some great stuff from Genuine Innovations, Lezyne, CatEye and RaceFace. Not to mention the beer and coffee.

Open Women and Masters Women were battling it out as well during the 12 o’clock callup, with a bit smaller field. Open Women finished with a top 3 of  Jean-Ann Berkenpas (Xprezo), Sandra Walter (Local Ride) and Joele Guynup (Condo/Marin Bikes) and our Women’s Masters came in with Glenowyn Carlson (Team Alliance) taking first and Barbara Zimich down 1 lap. Gore and Brodie provided additional prizes!

Our final event, Masters ½ and Elite ½ came up as the rain was at it’s worst – 60 minutes of suffering at the hands of mother nature and Jeff Hanninen’s wicked course design.

Our Masters ½ had a commanding field of 15, with our usual suspects commanding attention as they tore apart the course. In the top 5 you can see most of your BC Cup leaders vying for those all-important points. In order of finish: Bob Welbourn (Cannondale/CX West), Kim Steed (Steed Cycles), Derek Shiers, David Kvick (Rocky Mountain/Different Bikes), Jascon Fluckiger (Daryl Evans).

A smaller field, 5 elites started ahead of the Masters, with Kevin Noiles (Sportique) taking the Cima Coppi handmade arm warmers as a holeshot prize; Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain) looked strong though he had to be tired from bringing all the amazing swag from Cycles Lambert to the race for our winners. As the course wore on, Drew MacKenzie was steady but succumbed to the effects of a running race the day before (I swear running is bad for you), though he’s got bigger designs on SSCXWC San Fran. Sven Sturm (TREK Red Truck) kept the smile on, with Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride) looking large and in charge on the rhythm section. Noiles took the day with a powerful showing, Sturm coming second and Berkenpas coming in 3rd.

The day ended with some BBQ servings from Nick Berry, and the Brodie Romax frame/fork drawprize going to Brent Hambleton.

Thank you again to everyone that came out, to the volunteers from Darly-Evans and Mighty Riders and we hope to see you out at CX Provincials Nov 27th, as well as the BC Cup Finals on Dec. 3rd.

If you are interested in having Matt Barber MC your upcoming race, contact me at matthew@cantileverandpress.com


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